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Real Estate Success Formula SOUL’D Chapter 5: CONFIDENCE

Salespeople need to exhibit confidence

One of the eight virtues of real estate success is confidence as outlined in my new book SOUL’D

In real estate, you will frequently come across a real estate client who has a completely false idea of what their property is worth.

On the one hand, you may have a client who seriously underestimates their property, and you get to be the one to tell them the good news. However, much more often it’s the opposite: real estate clients who think their property is worth more than it is.


When A Real Estate Client Wants To Make A Change


Real Estate staging is important

Real Estate Clients change their minds

Changes happen in San Francisco Real Estate, especially when there is so much hype on how great the real estate market is.

Was I disappointed when “Reginald” Bratt, my Real Estate Seller, called me and told me that he wanted to make a few changes on our signed real estate listing agreement?  Yes and no. (Please see previous blog dated March 4 2015).


Real Estate Buyers And The Internet

Visual Vital for Real Estate Selling

Thumbs Up For Real Estate Internet Marketing

“California Real Estate Buyers Now Find Real Estate Listings And Their Real Estate Agent Through The Internet”

So says CAR, the California Association of Realtors. This is most likely due to the prevalence of smart phones with cameras. While it may seem like a good thing to post our smart phone photos of our real estate listings all over the internet, the quality of the property photo often suffer. No matter how high-quality a smart phone camera is, it will not measure up to a professional-grade camera. Also, my fellow real estate agents and I are not professional photographers, so we do not possess the skills needed to stage photos in the best way possible.


Real Estate Listings: Let Photos Take Center Stage

Real Estate Seller

San Francisco real estate listings: realize the visual is most important

San Francisco Real Estate Listings: Realize The Visual Is Most Important

But that is probably true all over the country. We live in a very visual culture. Ever since we were children reading picture books, our eye has been trained to focus on the graphic and the colorful. Why, then, are there so many subpar photographs in real estate listings nowadays?

Recently, I was working with a Real Estate Seller who wanted to list his San Francisco condo. It was a classic 1920s flat with beautiful crown molding and brand new remodeled kitchen and bathrooms. This seller was very strong-willed though and, unfortunately, ill-informed. He insisted on not spending a little bit extra to have his property “staged.” (more…)