Soul’d Testimonials

“Paula is a passionate storyteller. Along with priceless real estate insights and lessons learned for salespersons, buys and sellers, she provides life lessons that will help anyone persevere in the life they were born to live. Soul’d is truly inspirational!

— Mike Larsen, Literary Agent and Author of Guerrilla Marketing for Writers

“For me, Paula Pagano was a caring mentor and coach. The stories and insights she shared were invaluable to all of us: agents new to the profession as well as those wishing to take their craft to the next level. Learning from her was the high point of my budding career and I use the tools I learned from her every day. If you too want Paula’s wisdom, generously offered between two covers, read Getting the Property SOUL’D!”

— Ron Sebahar, Broker Associate, MBA, Hill & Co’s #2 Top Producing Agent 2013

“I loved reading about all the different situations Paula went through, the emotions involved and how she learned to control them to gain success. Soul’d is a great book for anyone who needs help acknowledging and changing the way they think.”

— Marcia Copeland, CEO Copeland Creative Café

“Through riveting anecdotes that explore the real stories of how deals are made or broken, Paula Pagano shares her own personal saga: how she went from medical researcher to top producer in the challenging San Francisco real estate market. Her raw honesty and introspection is refreshingly humble. She is a great storyteller and everyone can find inspiration and valuable insights on dealing with others while understanding how to best optimize their own strengths and weaknesses.”

— Tracy O’Neill, Co-Active Leadership Coach

“Getting the Property SOUL’D is an excellent handbook in organizing your business and understanding how to measure its effectiveness. It’s written in a down-to-earth and interesting style, and tells the ins and outs of not just surviving but thriving in the real estate market. Paula understands the challenge of being a real estate agent and has included lots of secrets that have made her so successfully through her career.”

— Valerie Sadler, HR Executive for CBS

“Just finished reading Soul’d. I thought it was fantastic, and not just for Real Estate professionals. I am a salesperson in another field, and found Paula’s secrets very helpful. I especially enjoyed the way that she wove her secrets into a most interesting life story.  I read this in one weekend.  Each and every chapter was a new learning experience and an adventure. A great read that I highly recommend.”

— Sandra Hughes, Entrepreneur in Cazenovia, New York

“In Soul’d, there are practical real-world situations that everyone, whether in sales or not, will relate to at least fifty percent of the time. The book doesn’t claim to be scientific with a formula to win the world! Instead, the author shares her intimate and personal experiences in an accessible, fast-moving and entertaining fashion, with insights that could be applicable in any life situation. Thank you, Paula!”

— M. Clarke

“Ms. Pagano makes her business come alive with all ranges of emotion, from anxiety to joy. Mixing in lessons learned with appropriate anecdotes makes this book a page-turner. I’m not a realtor but I am in sales for a different industry, and I found this book refreshing, informative and a genuine feel-good experience!”

— Mike Wild, Automobile Sales Executive

“This book is a rare combination of information, inspiration and entertainment. The author writes with feeling and her insightful professional advice is delivered with warmth, energy and humor, not a clinical ABC approach. While real estate is the obvious focus, and the lessons reflect the author’s successful experiences, the book is also loaded with thought-provoking messages that could have wider application. An excellent read.”

— L Hillock, Bechtel Executive

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Soul’d. It was refreshing to learn how one woman’s journey into successful business was shaped by her understanding of her emotions and ability to use that knowledge to her advantage.  Unique for what is essentially a business book; Paula went to the heart of the matter as she shows you how working WITH your emotions in business and not against them can make you successful beyond your wildest dreams.”

— Sue Bates Pintar, Real Estate Broker Associate, Seattle, Washington

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