Pursuing Freedom Podcast – Sell with Soul, With Paula Pagano

In this episode of Pursuing Freedom to hear how Paula Pagano has been successful with her ‘sell with soul’ philosophy. Hear insights about:

  • How Paula’s career in real estate has unfolded over the years
  • Why Paula was inspired to write her book about a non-traditional way to successfully buy and sell property stress-free
  • How to learn and grow by helping others in your team
  • The philosophy of helping and serving clients and why focusing on others’ needs aligns with Paula’s personal beliefs
  • The highs and lows of Paula’s career and how she figured out how to unstick herself emotionally, and find the motivation and enthusiasm to go out and engage
  • How new real estate brokers can discover ways to connect with potential clients genuinely
  • Strategies for boosting your energy when you feel overcommitted and overextended