‘Secrets of a Top Salesperson’ is a powerhouse of ideas for entrepreneurs and anyone who has been hit by the mortgage/real estate crisis.  It gives you a systematic and creative roadway to help you get your life back on track.”

Barbara Corcoran, TV’s Current Real Estate Guru and Best Selling Author of Use What You’ve Got

“Real estate agents and the rest of us as well will greatly benefit from Paula’s excellent tactical tips, perceptive relationship insights and invaluable time management advice.”

Ray Brown 15 Year KNBR Radio Host and 30 Year Real Estate Broker/Owner and Best Selling Author

“Paula is a passionate storyteller and provides life lessons that will help anyone persevere in the life they were born to live. Secrets of a Top Salesperson—How Emotions Make or Break the Sale is truly inspirational!”

Mike Larsen, Literary Agent and Author of Guerrilla Marketing for Writers.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Secrets of a Top Salesperson”. I received Paula’s book after she gave a seminar to Realtors on the topic of “Recession – Pain or Opportunity?”, which I got a whole lot out of. I read this book in a matter of days, as I could not put it down! Paula shares her experiences and sales tips in such a unique, fun and exciting narrative fashion! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration and entertainment–and strong words of wisdom from an incredible warm, friendly and successful person & saleswoman. I learned a ton & plan to pass this book onto my friends, family and colleagues. Great energy and passion!”

Sara Werner San Francisco Top 1% Realtor

“I have read a lot of self-help books, but, boy, reading Secrets inspired me like no other. I felt like I was walking in your shoes, learning as you learn, living a day in the life of a top successful salesperson. Now I want to go out and conquer!”

Carol Soutar, ASP Senior Stager, San Mateo California

“Highly entertaining,and useful book. By giving many real life examples, the author provides interesting insights into handling the emotions that arise during the high pressure of real estate transactions. The book takes you through her personal story and the secrets of success she has learned in real estate. I’m glad I read it.”

Michael D. Tekulsky, Realtor San Francisco

“Author Paula Pagano shares so much in this book. Paula writes from the heart sharing very personal experiences in a most intimate way. You feel as if you are right there with her. The book flows very well and is hard to put down. ‘Secrets’ gives very specific instructions on successful salesmanship and how to deal with clients, both good and bad. In addition to the real estate sales lessons and what surprised me most, was the inspirational way in which Paula writes. She shares her life in this book. I would recommend this book to salespeople and non-salespeople equally to increase their success. The life lessons shared in this book alone are worth the read.”

– Jean Romeo, Entrepreneur Phoenix Arizona

“Paula’s story took a path I was not expecting, and I enjoyed it more than I anticipated. I was a struggling real estate agent in Southern California years ago during another recession, and I could have benefited immensely if Paula could have been my mentor.”

– Ralph Dacy, Automobile Executive Chico California

“I loved reading Paula’s book. Easy to read and full of great stories you can relate and learn from. I found out about this book when I saw Paula give a talk as a guest speaker. I loved the way she carried & expressed herself. The book is written as an honest story about her life, evolution & mind shift she had to make from being a scientist to become a top successful Real Estate Agent. Smart woman, that’s for sure. I am also a Realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay) and I don’t know Paula but I do admire her from a far. She is a rock-star in my mind. I recommend every real estate agent & sales professional read this book.”

– Tania S, Realtor, East Bay

“Paula has such great energy that it is contagious! My favorite chapter was on empathy. People buy from people they like and Paula has such an easy approach that it feels like she is telling you her stories just to you!! It is a fun read! Enjoy!!”

– Katey Shinn, Partner Keller Williams Real Estate

“I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I found it engaging on a general level because of its humanity, wit and wisdom. The lessons in this book can be applied to so much more than real estate, or even general successful salesmanship. I found it human, interesting and inspiring. And it’s a hard-to-put-down fun!”

– Doug Wink, Graphic Designer, New Mexico

“Secrets sucked me in. I found it to be a practical delivery of healthy philosophies tied to personal convictions expressed through adventurous colorful and heartfelt stories—reminding me of a San Francisco centric Eat, Pray, Love book.”

– Lisa Bass, Global Account Executive

“Beyond being a brilliant education in how to become a top producer in business, Paula’s book, Secrets of a Top Salesperson, is a remarkable guide that leads you by example into being a more fully realized successful person. She skillfully takes you beneath the dynamics of business into understanding how to convert negative interactions into personal triumphs. More importantly, she teaches how to use emotional conflicts with others to determine and clear your own personal and psychological conflicts. The result is self-realization, becoming your own teacher, master, and guru in the dynamics of life.”

– Frank Jordan Author, Educator, and spiritual Counselor