Real Estate Listings: Let Photos Take Center Stage

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San Francisco real estate listings: realize the visual is most important

San Francisco Real Estate Listings: Realize The Visual Is Most Important

But that is probably true all over the country. We live in a very visual culture. Ever since we were children reading picture books, our eye has been trained to focus on the graphic and the colorful. Why, then, are there so many subpar photographs in real estate listings nowadays?

Recently, I was working with a Real Estate Seller who wanted to list his San Francisco condo. It was a classic 1920s flat with beautiful crown molding and brand new remodeled kitchen and bathrooms. This seller was very strong-willed though and, unfortunately, ill-informed. He insisted on not spending a little bit extra to have his property “staged.”

Real Estate Staging

In the real estate industry, real estate staging refers to how we present the property before taking pictures. Imagine how you used to prepare yourself for your annual school picture: you would make sure your hair was combed, your teeth were brushed, and took special care with what you wore for the occasion. This is similar to how you stage a property – you repaint the walls and redecorate to make it as photo-ready as possible.

However, as I said, this  particular Real Estate Seller was adamant about not staging his condominium. Two people had contacted me about the real estate listing regardless, no doubt because the Buyers’ Real Estate Market was so fast moving, but for one reason or another, both deals went south. I knew we had to change tactics after that because we could not afford to lose another deal. Fortunately, I was finally able to convince this seller to paint, buy new furniture, and hire the best photographer we could find. The results paid off – I got three offers on his San Francisco Condo in one week! It just goes to show that the extra effort to stage and take professional pictures really is worth every penny.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Many real estate agents do not realize that their real estate listings reflect directly back on them, and can alter their reputations. If their online listings have blurry, crooked, or sloppy pictures, real estate clients won’t be as likely to trust them. If you walk into a job interview wearing a pair of beat-up jeans and a stained tee shirt, it won’t matter if you are the most qualified applicant – chances are that you will not be the one who comes out on top. And when it comes to selling real estate, you want to be the winner!


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  • Tony on Nov 14, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for your insightful blog entries, I look forward to reading your book as well!

  • Paula Pagano on Nov 13, 2014 Reply

    Please stay tuned a lot more blogs and insights coming! Thanks for your interest Tony!

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