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Real Estate Success Formula SOUL’D Chapter 3: TENACITY

Paula Pagano being tenacious and working late at office

At various times in life and in the real estate process, patient persistence is required.

Tenacity–old-fashioned sitck-to-it-ness–is a great character trait in all areas of life.  If you want excellent real estate results, whether you are a Real Estate Buyer, Seller or Real Estate Professional, you must have tenacity.

At a real estate conference this past fall, many San Francisco real estate developers discussed the urgent need for more housing to meet the skyrocketing demand  In the past year, there had been a whooping 69,000 new jobs and only approximately 700 new housing units.  A surplus of buyers such as this creates a “Sellers’ Market” where each property will get many offers. (more…)

San Francisco Real Estate Pre-Emptive Offers Part 2

How to Win at Real Estate Negotiation

San Francisco competitive real estate market

Motivated Real Estate Buyers

After a week, my motivated real estate buyers still want this San Francisco duplex in Potrero Hill.  I did my homework and called on a similar Pending Sale to see if I could find out the particulars. Wow, was I surprised when the listing agent told me their duplex, also with no rent control in the same neighborhood, went $350,000 over asking! If Terrence and Linda want to compete on Thursday, they will have to do the same. I broke the news as gently as I could.