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Real Estate Goals 2016

Success means more sales

Celebrating a real estate goal

For Real Estate Goals to be effective, they must follow the SMART FORMULA:


When bad things happen in a real estate transaction Part I

Real Estate Clients can be disloyal

Real Estate can lead to surprisingly dark and disappointing places

Real Estate, like Life, has its ups and downs.

Being human we often wonder why bad things have to happen. Everything was going along so smoothly and then Wham! Example: My car broke down just too many times so I bought a new car and had it only a day and a half when I got rear ended! Now I have whiplash and can’t work on the computer or drive long distances which I have to for my job. This actually just happened to me. WHY? WHY? WHY?

The answer really is a simple one – because we need contrast in our lives to appreciate all the good stuff we have. Otherwise, we would be living desperately boring lives and not feel fulfilled and happy. As human beings we are built in such a way that we need to constantly be striving in order to be happy.

So what do we do when life or real estate throws us a curve ball or the ball hits us squarely in the face? Lynn Grabhorn (Love the name – grab life by the horns is what I think) in her book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, states the steps we need to go through to get our life (or real estate goals) back on track: