Successful Real Estate Open Houses

Staging property increases a Seller's real estate price

When staging a real estate property incorporate the visual as well as the other 4 senses

As a Realtor you will be holding open houses to attract as many buyers as possible in order to fulfill your fiduciary relationship to your Real Estate Seller in getting the highest price possible.

You also want to establish a good impression on potential real estate buyers and perhaps bond with them so that you can nurture them into a future loyal client. To do all the above and create a property to remember it is imperative that you hire a real estate stager.

My new book, Getting the Property SOUL’D – A Breakthrough System of Successful Stress-Free Buying and Selling, is filled with stories about those clients who listened to my advice and those who did not. The results are very clear: those sellers who hired stagers and created a pleasing neutral environment had quick well priced sales.  Those sellers who insisted on doing their own thing in their own way got much less desirable results and those sellers who would not do anything at all fared the worst.

When a buyer enters a home, he knows when a seller doesn’t care much about their property. and even if it is just needing a thorough cleaning and emptying out of the seller’s belongings, a buyer will want to negotiate, because he/she can’t see beyond all the dirt and stuff.

I take the real estate open house quite seriously. In fact, I want to create an experience so that buyers will remember my real estate listing over all the other ones on the market!

I do that by appealing to all five senses. For instance, all good stagers will use different textured accents, which are not only visual, but tactile as well. Also, I make sure each real estate listing has a deep cleaning before we put the property on the market. Interested  buyers do glide their hands over counter tops and cabinets, for they want to know the property they are buying intimately.  It is part of the reason natural materials, such as granite, marble or hard wood are preferred over manufactured products.

And yes—I have had real estate buyers bend down and touch the floors, especially if they look sparkling clean, polished and welcoming!

I have also found that soft soothing elevator music works well for older people and upbeat top 40 music appeals to the hip younger generation. And then I take it to the next step: I bake cookies in the oven so when buyers walk in they get a whiff of something delicious, hear some music and are drawn into an experience. When they sample the cookies in the kitchen I’m then able to chit-chat with them about all the special amenities in the home. And then of course, I have water bottles for them to take with them if they so choose.

Remember, even if the real estate open house is clean, the average buyer just does not have the imagination to visualize a highly cluttered, highly personalized property into a home they could live in. In conclusion, the most successful open houses are those in which create an emotional experience that the Buyer will savor.

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