Real Estate Greed Is Like the Drama and Intrigue during Henry VIII

Paula Pagano Realtor

Make sure real estate contracts are signed

San Francisco real estate is expensive and when a lot of money is involved real estate clients can get greedy.

Never mind that I helped a couple for five months prepare their house for sale! As a real estate expert with well-earned contact referrals, I came up with a great solution to re-design their entrance so Real Estate Buyers would enter on the main level and not the bedroom level which these clients were doing. 

Getting this Seller’s property ready for sale, involved a lot of planning and consulting of real estate stagers, contractors and handymen.

The next real estate marketing problems to tackle: what to do about their heavily damaged French doors, rotted two tiered deck and failed windows. Again my real estate referrals came up with money-saving repair solutions instead of a full out replacement, saving these real estate clients thousands and thousands of dollars. But my work wasn’t done: we had to reconfigure the floor plan so that I could market this Seller’s home as a three bedroom instead of its current one bedroom use. The next easy step was repainting the exterior. We were almost ready to market. But here’s comes the Shakespearean-like drama and intrigue and real estate greed:

A real estate buyer, accompanied with their own San Francisco Realtor, contacted them directly.

Like Henry VIII in Wolf Hall, these Real Estate Sellers . decide it’s now off with my head! Meaning let’s cut Paula Pagano out of this real estate sale. When the ever calculating Anne Boleyn-like wife bragged how miraculous it was to get such a high real estate price, I am aghast. She beams from ear to ear, hugging me ever so tightly, exclaiming over and over again, “Miraculous—just miraculous!”

But was it really miraculous? Did the high price these Sellers got for their home just happen of its own accord? I don’t think so. It was my 35 years of hard-won experience that got these real estate clients $300,000 over what they expected, by having them do some home improvements. Like Thomas Cromwell, the accomplished power broker for Henry VIII, I gave this Real Estate Seller a non-complacent smile and said, “Well, the Universe certainly gave you a gift.” With a measured pause, I added, “however, I hope you realize you did hurt someone in the process.”

Anne backs away and snarls: “WHO? Who could I have possibly hurt?” Her manipulative sickeningly sweet mask is off now and her true colors are showing.

“Me,” I say matter-of-factly, using Thomas Cromwell’s impassive approach, rooted and unhinged in this unpleasant encounter.

The Anne Boleyn character screeches even though other people are present. Her claws are out and she is ready to scratch. “HOW? Tell me how. That is ridiculous!”

Again I am the epitome of calm. “Well, I happen to have copies of all emails and phone calls you and I had over the last five months as well as an accounting of all our meetings.” I pull out a 3 inch thick folder from my purse and attempt to hand over the evidence. I had come to our encounter well prepared.

She almost trips over her feet, trying to get away from me. She gestures her hands toward me to discourage me not to come too close. “You are incredulous Paula Pagano!! You have the gall to give me a bill?”

I approach slowly as I would a hunted animal and offer the papers once more. “No bill. I just want you to look it over and see what you think is appropriate. You have an opportunity here to make things right between us.”

She continues her frantic hand motions, now more furiously. “You know, our lawyer told us we owe you nothing. NOTHING!”

Ah Ha! Now the truth comes out. She is no longer a poor-me-don’t-understand Real Estate Seller as she previously claimed. Ahh the intrigue, manipulation and real estate greed.

It drives some people to extreme behavior. Just like in the courts of Henry VIII.

When she stomped away, I knew in my heart of hearts, these Real Estate Sellers would not offer me any compensation. I could sue them in small claims court. Surely, Thomas Cromwell would have and would have won as I figured I would. But was it really worth my aggravation and time to deal further with these cold-hearted unscrupulous people? And although I admired Thomas Cromwell’s political skills, I did not have the iron resolve he must have had to work so closely with Henry VIII.

I had known Anne for three years, but did I really know her? Note to self: Beware the charming persona. Then, of course, there is the biggest lesson of all: Get a contract signed no matter who the client is, no matter the circumstances, no matter what verbal promises have been made. And by the way, Thomas Cromwell would have gotten the real estate document signed beforehand.

Be aware that any clients names have been changed to protect their privacy. Furthermore, Paula Pagano does not accept any liability for the content of any Blogs and this Website or for any actions you take or resultant consequences of actions taken based on the information provided in this communication. Any advice is my opinion after being a 35 year experienced real estate agent in San Francisco.

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