San Francisco Alzheimer’s Walk

Walk with me to end Alzheimer's a needy cause

Walk to End Alzheimer’s Sat Sept 17th

Please join me, my family and my real estate colleagues on Saturday September 17th at the Marina Green in San Francisco with Registration at 8:30-9 am for the 3 Mile Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

There will be a fun rally beforehand with music, food and merchant booths. Alzheimer’s is a needy cause and giving back to our community gives all of us more clarity on what is truly important.

Plus, contributing to a better world feels great! Also giving back can help make you be more successful as an entrepreneur, real estate agent or whatever your career may be.  Already I have raised almost three thousand dollars for the San Francisco Walk to End Alzheimers!  (Last year I raised $5,000!) Plus my family and I will match dollar for dollar this year so why not help us! Yeah!


Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. In 2015 the disease cost the nation approximately $226 billion and is expected to rise as high as $1.1 trillon. 

This San Francisco walk is a wonderful way to increase research funding, give much needed help to care-takers, and demonstrate our concern for those who suffer from this terrible disease. If you want to know more why so many people donate their time and walk please watch  this video on why people walk for Alzheimer’s.

Why I walk for Alzheimer’s: When my husband proposed to me 14 years ago I was ecstatic! I had never been married before—mostly my choice—I was a hard working real estate broker, but now I was ready. I adored Gralen who was a friend of mine (and real estate client) for many years. But there was a caveat: he confided to me that Alzheimer’s ran in his family and should he get the disease would I be ok with that? Having a degree in health medicine and really loving this man I gave him my answer—a resounding YES!

Over the years I have witnessed my beloved mother-in-law deteriorate from a formerly professional, well-educated woman having trouble remembering her favorite ice cream flavor. She loved ice cream and she loved chocolate, but she couldn’t remember anymore what she liked and didn’t like. In her younger days she would joke how when she passed, she wanted to be buried in mounds of chocolate!

If you want to find out more About Alzheimer’s and the impact it has on our society please click on the link  

Another case in point: My father, a hardened World War II vet. He, himself, was not a victim to Alzheimer’s, but his best friend was. Whenever Dad speaks of Hank, who had early-onset, he starts to tear up. In the beginning, Hank lost his way home, couldn’t work and eventually could not do the simplest of daily tasks.

As the disease progressed, Hank couldn’t even dress himself. Dad told me about the time he watched as Hank, thinking his underwear was a shirt, kept putting the boxer shorts over his head, getting more and more frustrated and angry. In the end Hank couldn’t talk, feed himself or walk. He regressed to being a helpless infant! The cost of his medical needs was astronomical which his wife, his insurance and also our government had to pay for.  This disease truly affects us all.

Once again consider walking with us or donating some time and money to this worthwhile cause. Saturday Sept 17th will be a guaranteed good time!

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  • Ylan Tran on Sep 18, 2016 Reply

    What a great thing to do for the community! Especially because Alzheimers is a genetic disease and will continue to effect many of us unless there are more people like Paula who will help make a difference! Well done.

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