Real Estate and Giving Back to the Community

American Heart Association Award

Winning an award for the most real estate donors for the American Heart Association

As a successful Realtor who cares about the quality of life and loves San Francisco, I have given time and money to many worthwhile causes which are important to me.

In 1994 to celebrate McGuire’s Real Estate 75th Anniversary I chaired an Art Show at the Spectrum Gallery for the National Lymphedema Network which helps the survivors of breast cancer. The featured artists were Matuschka, Annette Porter and Amelia Davis. Little did I know then that my beloved sister in law would die of the disease a few short years later. At least I had the comfort of knowing I had done something good in her memory.

As a ballroom dancer in my free time, I am especially interested in the Arts and am a member of the Opera and Ballet. In 1998 I visited Amsterdam Netherlands and participated in the first Gay Ballroom Olympics as a volunteer. Again, giving back to a hobby I was so interested in really boosted my spirit as well as helping others.

You can also view the Photo Gallery of my website,, and you will notice photos of when I went to Africa and helped build a school, was with Mother Teresa after she opened the first Aids Hospital in San Francisco and participating at one of several fund raisers for the Ross Valley Players, an actors’ guild in Marin.

Since real estate can be so intense at times, participating in outside interests,besides helping the community, can help Realtors cope with the emotional demands this real estate industry requires.

Like the spokes of a wheel, real estate has several components with lots of moving parts and personalities and it can be daunting. Giving back really helps.

As I have been getting older I have switched my focus to two new causes: the American Heart Association and Alzheimers Association. A few years ago I participated in the Go Red Strut at the San Francisco Civic Center and had a ball! I got the award for the most donors and a photo of us can be seen on this page. More photos are on the Photo Gallery.

Also, over the last several years my husband and I have participated in the Alzheimers Walk since his mother, aunt and grandfather suffered from this disease. See the next blog for how you can participate in the September 19th Walk for Alzheimers at the Marina Green in San Francisco. I guarantee you will leave feeling better than when you got there. Giving back just warms your heart.

And lest I forget—a big heartful thank you to San Francisco real estate for giving me the time and money to invest in these worthwhile causes!

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