Ode to Corona

Dear Clients and Friends:

This corona virus has had an impact on us all. Personally, I like to look at our Sheltering in Place as a global reset and hope when we come out the other side we are wiser, more compassionate and better people. A colleague of mine wrote the following poem which I found inspiring and hope you do too.

Also remember I am here if you need anything.

Warm Regards,

Paula Pagano

Ode to Corona

Last week what if I had told you would be one of 100 million people
told to stay home in the US. Would you have believed me?

What if I told you that this period of pause was a blessing in disguise
for us all and that this outbreak helped us breakout of patterns that
we no longer needed.

What if this was a time when:

We spent less time focused on our inbox and more time
focused on our in-breath.

We had less financial dealings and became more in touch
with our substantial feelings.

We learned to talk less and listen more.

We spend less time with an attitude and more time in gratitude.

We paid less attention to stocks and bonds and more attention
to taking stock and deepening bonds.

We booked less appointments and read more books.

We consumed less and connected more.

We self medicated less and meditated more.

We spend more time moving our bodies and stilling our minds.

We paid for less services and became of more service

We looked less to others for answers and found the answers within.

We got rid of all the stuff we didn’t need and got closer to our
unique purpose in our soul to feed.

What if I told you that a year from now you would have more
abundance in your life in ways you could not even imagined.

Would you believe me?

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