Corona and Real Estate

Dear Clients:

Hope this message finds you well and healthy. As this Shelter in Place continues, we are all realizing our home is more important than ever. This physical distancing will likely go longer than we originally thought.

Paula Pagano with clients

Fortunately, Corcoran is on the cutting edge of this new paradigm shift by putting our clients safety, security and health first and foremost. Your experience – whether you are a buyer or seller – will now be more what the luxury market has been doing for years: pre-qualifying buyers financially as well as motivationally before access into homes is allowed.

That means as a seller you will be better protected by allowing only the most interested people into your home – no more looky-loos or nosy neighbors! As a buyer, we will be saving valuable time by virtually viewing properties first, perusing the neighborhood and then signing off on the disclosure package before viewing the property in person. Also, you’ll be seeing transparent pricing more commonly, so less agonizing multiple offer situations!

Realize that our lives, including the real estate process, have been changed forever and the safety of people’s health will always come first.

In conclusion, if you have been thinking of purchasing or selling a property perhaps now is the time before other people start realizing that social distancing is not going away anytime soon.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to further discuss ways that I’m able to help you navigate through this unique time.

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